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­  He is literature’s most eligible bachelor: handsome, wealthy, and the inspiration for countless romantic spin-offs in the last 200 years.

­  他是文学作品中最令人中意的单身汉:帅气又多金,而且是过去200年里无数浪漫的衍生作品的灵感来源。

­  Fans of the brooding Mr Darcy, then, may wish to look away now.

­  然而,如今这位忧伤的达西先生的粉丝们可能会希望转移目光了。

­  For leading academics have researched how Mr Darcy was likely to really have looked, and the results are a far cry from the tall, dark and handsome leading man fans may have imagined.

­  因为知名学者们研究了达西先生真正的长相可能是什么样的,结果表明他与粉丝想象中的高大、忧郁又帅气的主角形象相差甚远。

­  In fact, a real-life Mr Darcy of his day was more likely to have a long nose, pointed chin, powdered white hair and pale complexion, according to historians.

­  历史学家指出,事实上,在他那个年代,现实生活中的达西先生更可能有着高高的鼻梁、尖尖的下巴、搽粉的白发以及苍白的肤色。

­  The team, led by Professor John Sutherland, have now unveiled what they claim to be the "first historically accurate portrait" of Mr Darcy.

­  如今,约翰·萨瑟兰教授领导的这个团队揭示了他们自称为达西先生“符合历史依据的第一幅合格画像”。

­  They did so by looking into the "scraps" of description that writer Jane Austen provided for her famous character, portrayed in countless TV adaptations of Pride And Prejudice.