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­  People have different expectation for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, and some people rather than change the job frequently. advantage and disadvantage?

­  people rarely have an absolute consensus on the controversial issue whether a man should intend to go in for a life-time career. These day, very few people prefer to always taking a position.

­  in some senses, a life-time career has its merits. First, if you stick at taking a post, all angles of the job will have appeared; after some time, you will definitely have a good command of it. Consequently you may become a veteran of the field and earn respect or prestige from others. Second, you can establish an extensive social connections relating to the field, helping you tear down most of the barriers standing in the way of your working endeavor. Finally, mistakes of the routine tasks would be minimized because you have learned the lessons.

­  however, as the modern society develops, experiencing different jobs has its advantages. Initially, we look at the issue of bribery. Many high-level staff are inclined to accept bribes via power in hand. However, if he knows that someone else will soon take his place, such acts can be avoided. We then look at work motivation. If one works for the same company for a long time without promotion, he may get sick and tired of doing the same daily routine. Nonetheless, a manager should have qualities of a sense of teamwork and the capability of coordination. Therefore, to try various positions can help you gain ground to be promoted.

­  Conclusion ( 67 words)

­  In summary, staying in the same post can cultivate one to cut out for the job but involve one in a boring career while changing jobs frequently can be both advantageous by keeping bribery away and providing one with more opportunities of promotion and disadvantageous by making mistakes occasionally. In my opinion, people should seek a decent and good-paid job and pay little attention to changing it.