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  Five monkeys huddle together and take shelter under rocks at a zoo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on Saturday.


  A boy sleds on the slopes of the US capitol on Saturday, as the Washington area was hit by a blizzard.


  A resident of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, posted this image on Weibo of a pet turtle covered in ice Sunday. The poor turtle eventually thawed out and slowly regained its strength, wrote the Weibo user.


  Pictured is an image of a frozen raw egg posted by a Weibo user on Sunday.


  Frozen jeans stand by a road in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. An area resident placed the icy pants at different spots in the city. The photos soon went viral and kicked off a viral trend on social media.


  As China’s week-long cold wave continues, residents are finding time to take in the icy scenery and chill out in the nation’s lowest temperatures in decades.


  Images posted on social media show just how cool China has become, including pictures of iced food, clothes and even people’s frozen makeup after parts of China saw lows plummet to -47 C.


  A Weibo user posted two photos of a raw egg on Sunday that had completely frozen through.


  "Check this out! Eggs shipped from Beijing are now frozen. I feel bad for friends in the capital," she wrote, adding several laughing emojis.


  Photos of towels as hard as cardboard, frozen water pipes and even a pet turtle encased in ice also made the rounds on social media.


  In the US, which also braced for strong blizzards this weekend, skiers took to the slopes outside Washington DC on Saturday.


  Tom Grotting of Minneapolis, Minnesota, grabbed attention on Facebook for freezing pants and standing them up around his neighborhood, inspiring many in both the US and China to do the same.

  明尼苏达州,明尼阿波利斯的Tom Grotting在Facebook上发布的站在户外的冰冻牛仔裤,赢得了大量的关注,美国和中国的很多人受其启发纷纷效仿。

  Animals are also finding ways to deal with the drop in temperature. Monkeys in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, are descending from the mountains surrounding the city in search of food, the West China City Daily reported Sunday.


  China’s national weather service issued an orange alert Sunday for the spate of extreme weather. According to the National Meteorological Center, temperatures dropped 10 to 13 degrees on Sunday morning in many parts of North China, the Xinhua News Agency reported.