作者: 安徽教育 发布时间: 2020年03月25日 11:11:11

  Two canine best friends from Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, who can‘t stop hugging each other have melted the internet’s heart。


  A video of Lottie and her doggie pal, Grizzly, have racked up more than 23 million views after their owner Taylor Duguay posted the footage online。


  Two-year-old Border Collie, Lottie, is seen wraping her paws around Grizzly the German Shepherd in the heart-warming video。


  Lottie was adopted by Duguay, 20, when she was four-months-old。 A year later, Grizzly joined the family after being rescued from the streets at just seven-weeks-old。 The Border Collie cared for the new young pup as if he were her own and now the pair are inseparable。


  Duguay, who works in car dealership, said: ‘As far as their relationship together, it’s something out of a storybook。 Lottie is convinced Grizzly is her own pup。 From day one she treated him with love and care。 Lottie and Grizzly always have more fun doing things together。


  ‘Even simply while we watch TV you can find Grizzly and Lottie grooming each other or cuddling up close for a nap。‘


  She added: ‘Lottie sort of did it on her own。 Now when I ask Lottie who her best friend is, you can even catch Grizzly getting ready for the hug and leaning into her。’