你知道吗:中国十大单身聚集地 天津居榜首(双语)

作者: 安徽教育 发布时间: 2020年03月25日 12:43:54

   Recently, a map of China’s top ten gathering places for singles became an internet hit. The map has triggered extensive discussions among netizens.


   Statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show that there are nearly 200 million single people on the Chinese mainland, and more and more women voluntarily choose to be single. In 1990, 6 percent of the total population lived alone, while in 2013, the figure was 14.6 percent. From the map, we can see that Tianjin, Sichuan and Heilongjiang are the top three gathering places for singles in China.


   Why do so many people now choose to be single? Is it because true love is scarcer? The answer may be complicated. However, generally speaking, the trend of staying single has much to do with the following factors.


   First of all, women have become more economically independent, which is an important condition for doing away with male chauvinism and a patriarchal society. Economically independent women have changed women’s dependence on men in love and marriage. Nowadays, women have the ability to plan their own lives.


   Secondly, information tools have changed people’s interactions, including how men and women get along with one another. It is easier to establish social relations, and singles find no difficulty in acquiring intimate companions.


   Thirdly, people’s attitudes toward childbirth have changed. Marriage has historically been largely in service of carrying on the family line. Today, the birth rate of urban, white-collar women continues to reach new lows. Some women even try freezing their eggs to extend the possibility of childbearing. What’s more, fewer and fewer people get married for the purpose of having children.