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  You might know tons about Pikachu. How the character used to look slightly different or how Pikachu adores ketchup. But maybe you don't know these tidbits.


  In a recent interview with How to Draw Manga, voice actor Ikue Otani talked about bringing the character to life. The whole interview is definitely worth a read. However, here are five things you might not know about the character or the anime, courtesy of quotes from Otani.


  1. When Ikue Otani first auditioned for the role of Pikachu, she had no idea how popular Pokémon was at the time.


  "There were Pokémon posters all over the room at the audition, and production officials were telling me that the characters were really popular among kids. All I could say was, 'Oh, really?' The other voice actors auditioning for the roles had the same reaction. None of us knew how popular these characters really were!"


  2. The Pokémon Were Originally Going To Learn How To Speak


  "Pikachu was supposed to learn a language, like a baby learns a language, and that's the way I was doing it at first. Then, a few months later, the producers told me Pikachu wasn't going to speak."


  "At the time, I was disappointed. But because Pikachu doesn't speak Japanese, children all over the world can hear my voice."


  3. Pikachu Does Make Another Sound


  "In the very beginning, there was a scene where Pikachu yawned. But there's no yawn sound within the 'Pikachu' sound. So instead of using 'chu', I made this yawning sound at the end."


  4. The Show's Producers Wanted Pikachu To Be a Dude


  "When the first game came out, the Pokémon were neither male nor female. But by the second version, some Pokémon were male, others female. To me, they're neither. But the production staff thought that Pikachu should be a boy, because if he were a girl, it could change the relationship between Pikachu and Satoshi."

  “当 《神奇宝贝》(又名《口袋妖怪》)这部游戏刚发行的时候,这些小精灵没有设定性别。但到第二季时,一些小精灵被设定成男生,而另外一些则是女女生。对于我 来说,它们哪个性别都不是。但制片人想着皮卡丘应该是个男生,因为如果皮卡丘被设定为女生的话,这可能会改变皮卡丘和小智之间的关系。”

  5. Pikachu's Pika-Pika lines Are Actually Written


  "The role is scripted, but the mouth movements may be a little different from what's written in the script. So for example, if Pikachu wants to say something like 'Yatte yaroze' ('Let's do it!'), I would say 'Pika-pika-chu!'"

  “这个角色是脚本上有的,但是口型可能同原剧本里写的有些不同。例如,如果皮卡丘想说些像‘Yatte yaroze’(开始吧!)之类的话时,我就会配上‘Pika-pika-chu!’的声音”。(来源:沪江英语)