你知道吗:德国菜肴摆拍算犯法 感觉无法愉快吃饭了(双语)

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  Pictures of meals served with the #foodporn hashtag may be popular on social media networks across the globe, but that is irrelevant

  to Germany's legal system. In 2013 a Federal Court of Justiceruling found elaborately arranged food to be the artistic property of its creator. Essentially, this means that you'll need to ask the chef's permission before taking and uploading a picture of your latest meal。标有#食色标签的照片或许可以风行全球社交媒体,但德国法律体系可不吃这套。2013年经德国联邦法院裁决,摆盘精致的食物是创造者的艺术财产。这意味着你拍照上传这顿饭前,必须先征求厨师的同意。

  An elaborately arranged dish in a restaurant can be a copyright-protected work. In such a case, the creator of the work has the right to decide where and to what extent the work can be reproduced.So, in order to show off theculinarycreation beyond the restaurant walls, you'd need the chef to okay it - even if the photo is just for Instagram or a blog and not intended for commercial use。饭店里摆盘精致的菜肴可能是受版权保护的作品。这种情况下,创作者有权决定他的作品可以被二次创作到何种程度,以及曝露在什么地方。所以,要想在餐厅外炫烹饪美食作品,得先征得厨师首肯,即便图片只是上传Instagram或是博客,并无意商业用途。

  As it stands, however, there's been no precedent

  set of a chef actually suing someone for taking a photo of their food. But diners should remember that even if they don't run the risk of copyright infringement, restaurants are still allowed to forbid them from snapping pics at dinner。尽管有法律的支持,但尚无厨师因他人拍照而起诉的先例。但食客们应记牢,尽管他们不冒侵权的风险,饭店依旧有权禁止吃饭时拍照。