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  It's my birthday...can I ask for something?

  Kiss me

  I love you。

  You're my only reason to stay①...alive, if that's what I am。

  It's time, it's time!

  Happy birthday, Bella。

  Let's open your presents! There's a cake too。

  Alice, that cake could feed fifty②, and you guys③ don't even eat... Thanks. *ouch* Paper cut④。

  What happened with Jasper was nothing。

  Nothing compared to what could have happened. And I promise never to put you through anything like this ever again. This is the last time you will ever see me。

  How much could you mean to him if he left you here, unprotected. But I can't help myself⑤, you are so... mouthwatering⑥。

  Jake, run!


  ①YOU’RE MY ONLY REASON TO STAY ALIVE= “你是我活下去的唯一理由。”当他说“活”时候有一丝犹豫,因为他是吸血鬼,而吸血鬼并不是活物,所以这个表达并不是很适合他。

  ②THAT CAKE COULD FEED FIFTY= 这个蛋糕大得可以喂饱50个人(表示很大)。

  ③YOU GUYS= 这是美国人用来称呼“你们”的常见用法。

  You(单数): Paul, can you help me? 保尔,你能帮我一下吗?

  You guys (复数,男女皆可): Can you guys help me, I need some people to move this car. 你们能帮我一下吗?我需要一些人来移动这辆车。

  ④PAPER CUT= I cut myself with a paper sheet edge. 在这句话中,"paper cut"中的"paper"用作为形容词而"cut"是名词。

  ⑤I CAN’T HELP MYSELF= I can’t resist, I can’t control myself. 我情不自禁。

  ⑥MOUTHWATERING= 形容词,形容能够让你垂涎三尺的事物。