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  In the picture, there is a student talking to his father with the words that “Why am I going to school if my phone already knows everything?” How vivid is the picture to show the young generations’ dependence on high technologies such as the phone. But in my opinion, high technologies cannot replace going to school at all.

  Three points can account for my view. Firstly, without going to school, we cannot learn basic knowledge and ethics that phones are unable to teach us. Secondly, without going to school, we cannot learn skills to make good use of high technologies. Thirdly, without going to school, we cannot learn disciplines and unity with people around us. In school, not only do we acquire knowledge but we learn how to communicate with people.

  In a word, no matter how high technologies are powerful, they totally cannot replace going to school.



  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay based on the picture

  below. Youshould start your essay with a brief description of the picture and

  comment on parents’ role in their children’s growth. You should write at least150

  words but no more than 180 words.

  “Good news mom! I was accepted to the college of your choice.”


  Parents’ role in their children’s growth

  As is prescribed in the picture, the girl told her mother, “Good news mom! I was accepted to the college of your choice.” We can infer that the mom chooses college for her child, but should the parents make such decision for their children? As far as I concerned, parents can give advice for their children instead of making decisions for them.

  Firstly, parents always want to give their children the best, however, they cannot completely understand their children’s interest and can’t sure what the most suitable is to their children. They just give their children what they consider the best, regardless of what their children want and what they like. So the best way to show your love is to respect children’s choice. Secondly, the children should responsible for their own life. Parents can company their children decades of years, but they cannot company their children’s whole life. Parents can give their children advice, but teach their children to be independent is more important in their growth.

  To sum up, parents can give their children advice, but they should respect their children’s choice. After all, children will grow up one day, and they must learn how to live independent and be responsible for their own life.




  As is graphicallydepicted in the cartoon, modern life has been dominated bycomputers. No matter the young man is in the office, at home, andin his spare time, the only friend he has is a computer. Even whenhe sleeps, what is in his dream is still the computer. Apparently,the cartoon aims to reveal the fact that the computer has begun toplay a negative role in the modern life.


  The reasons whymodern people are tied up with computers are as follows. To beginwith, they have become increasingly busier in making money;therefore, they need a quick way to outlet their pressure andexhaustion and computer is their ideal companion. Moreover,computers can assist people to deal with complicated working stuff,make friends, and entertain themselves because they have becomegrowingly powerful and everything else is linked with them. Forinstance, two decades ago, computers were far from popular andpeople used them to to practice typing letters and do basic works.However, with the Internet becoming pervasive, computers haveintegrated music, films, shopping, and everything we like intotheir worlds. Now, when we power on the all-mighty computers, whatwe want is out there for us.


  To sum up, thislifestyle is absolutely imperfect. In order to lead a healthy life,we are supposed to do more exercises and expose ourselves to thetangible world. Meanwhile, it is about time that we powered thecomputer off and talked with our friends and familily face-to-face.Only in these ways will modern life become more beautiful for youand me.