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  On Excessive Packaging

  In recent years, with the economy growing, all kinds of goods are flowing into our life. The packaging of goods becomes more and more attracting our eyes. However, the problem of excessive packaging has aroused people’s wide concern.

  This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons. For one thing, the business has seen through the mind of most consumers who are face-saving, for they thought that the more beautiful the packaging of goods is, the best people like. For another thing, excessive packaging can make the majority of merchants get high profit for the cheap commodity by improving price. Perhaps the primary reason lies that the form far outweighs the content.

  In my opinion, it is more advisable to focus on the quality of goods than to decorate its appearance. So, it is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation. Only in this way can we reduce unnecessary waste and have a rational and pure shopping condition, making our money worthwhile.


  1.B 2.D 3.D 4.D 5.D 6.B 7.A

  8. The proportion of students taking college-level exams

  9. A look at many different measures

  10. tackle tough subjects under the guidance of gifted teachers



  11. D. Discussing a house plan.

  12. D. She is tired of the food in the canteen.

  13. C. Listening to some loud music.

  14. C. The man can dress casually for the occasion.

  15. A. 100% cotton pants in dark blue.

  16. C. Its location.

  17. C. Travel overseas.

  18. A. It is a fair bargain.


  19. D Hosting an evening TV program

  20. A He worked as a salesman

  21. B He wanted to be his own boss

  22. A They are all the man’s friends

  23. B It remains a major of industrial activity

  24. C Transport problem

  25. D Measures to create job opportunities.


  26.B. They had known each other since childhood.

  27.B. At Joe’s houses.

  28. A. Social divisions will break down if people get to know each other.

  29. A. In his building’s parking lot.

  30. A. It had been stolen by someone.

  31. B. In the city garage.

  32. D. The mysteriousness of creativity.

  33. A. It is the source of all artistic work.

  34. D. Creative imagination.

  35. A. It is part of everyday life.


  36. calculators

  37. handle

  38. items

  39. Responding

  40. emergencies

  41. rarely

  42. occur

  43. murders

  44. there have been hundreds of thefts and cases of deliberate damaging of public property

  45. Things get stolen when it’s easy to steal them, because they are left lying around unwatched.

  46. A better way to solve this problem might be for all of us to be more careful with our things.