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  能够able→ capable, in a(ny) position

  一直all the time→ continually, continuously, constantly, perpetually

  许多地a lot→ noticeably, considerably, a great deal, substantially

  许多的a lot of→ many, numerous, a wide variety of (themes), a whole range of, a wide spectrum of (problems, themes, etc),an abundance of (opportunities, sources etc.)

  总是always→ invariably

  数量amount→ quantity

  结果as a result→ consequently

  本质上basically→ essentially, in essence, substantially

  组成be, amount to→ constitute

  下降become smaller→ be on the decline, be on the decrease, decline, decrease, diminish, dwindle, recede 等等

  变糟糕become worse→ deteriorate

  在 之前before→ prior to

  开始begin→ commence

  更好better→ superior

  习惯于be(come) used to→ be accustomed to

  严重的,重大的big→ major, significant, substantial

  执行carry out→ conduct, execute, commit, implement

  更改change→ alter, alteration, modify, modification

  办理,执行do→ conduct, transact(business)

  未能do not→ fail to, omit to