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  51.I’m afraid I won’t come ______ 7 and 9。 I will be at work then。

  A.until B.between C.during D.for

  52.Butter and cheese ______ in price。

  A.has gone up gone up C.have gone up D.are gone up

  53。______ neither you nor he enjoy fast food?

  A.Do B.Does C.Is D.Are

  54.In our country every boy and every girl ______ the right to education。

  A.has B.have D.are

  55.A man of words and not of deeds ______ a garden full of weed。

  A。 like B.likes like D.are like

  56.Would you like some coffee?

  Yes,please。 By the way, do you have any milk? I prefer coffee ______ milk。

  A.from B.with D.for

  57.These Germans want to have some ______ for supper, so they decide to catch ______ now。;many B.fishes;much;much D.fishes;many

  58.What do you think of his surfing?

  Oh, no one does ______。

  A.good B.well C.better

  59.Aren’t you tired, Kate?

  ______。 I like going shopping。

  A.Not at all B.I’m so sorry C.You’re welcome D.Yes, of course

  60.Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow。


  A.I don’t B.I won’t C.I can’t D.I haven’t

  61.John plays football ______, if not better than David。 well well as well well as

  62.Naturally, after I told her what to do, my daughter ______ go and do the oppsite!

  A.may B.can C.must D.should

  63。______ Yancheng today is more beautiful now。 Mr.Jackson said he would visit it ______ fourth time。

  A.The;/ B.The;the C。/;a D.The;a

  64.To tell you the truth, I became a college student at 15。


  A.You must be B.Thank goodness C.You don’t say so D.It doesn’t matter

  65.Excuse me, can you show me ______ to run the machine?

  A.what B.if C.whether D.where

  66.Today some newly-produced mobile phones can take pictures ______ a camera。 B.for D.of

  67.I felt it is right ______ you should know。

  A.whether B.and C.that

  68.A fool has gained nothing from the time ______, for he ______ nothing。

  A.passing;has paid B.passed;has been paid C.passing;has been paid D.passed;has paid

  69.This kind of T-shirt is ______。

  A.easily worn out B.easy worn out C.easy to worn out D.easily to be worn out

  70.Jim’s father said to him,“I hope you ______ what I ______ you to buy。

  A.didn’t forget,told B.not to gorget,have told

  C.won’t forget,have told D.haven’t forgotton,will tell

  71.English people ______ use Mr before a man’s first name。

  A.never B.usually C.often D.sometimes

  72.I enjoy learning English ______ it takes me a lot of time。

  A.unless B.though C.because D.for

  73.I wonder ______ you would like to come to my birthday party。

  A.that B.whether C.that if D.that whether

  74.All the teachers thought _______ of the hard-working student。

  A.highly B.many C.good D.more

  75.A third of the population of the city _______ their own cars。

  A,has B.have C.had

  76.His bag is nicer than _______ in his calss。

  A,any other student B.the other students’ C.any other students D.any student’s

  77.He _______ a good plan which we all argees

  A.thought hard B.thought out C.thought more of D.thought about

  78.I think swimming can make me very _______。

  A.good C.comfortable D.well

  79.The buses _______ over 2 thousand people a day。

  A.take B.bring C.carry D.sent

  80.The coductor kept _______ hot water to us。

  A.give B.bring C.taking

  81.It’s your turn to be on duty。 _______

  A.So am I B.So it is C.So I am D.So it is

  82.The TV needs 9 )。 repair B.repaired C.being repaired be repaired

  83.They are _______ there。

  A.near near C.near to D.nearly

  84.The boy said he wouln’t eat _______。

  A.any longer longer C.any more D,no more

  85.Nobaby noticed the thief slip into the shop, because the lights happened to _______。

  A.put out B.turn out a C.give out D.go out

  86.The days are short, _______ it is noe December。

  A.because B.for C.goes D.want

  87.The education in China has developed _______ these days。

  A.quick B.high C.highly D.wildly

  88.Will you tell me a story?

  OK.Shall I _______ it in English or in Chinese?

  A.tell,tell B.speak,tell C.tell,speak D.tell,say

  89.The lady is always _______ in white at the party。

  A.wearing B.dressing C.worn D.dressed]

  90.They _______ 3000 English words by the end of next month。

  A.learned B.had learned C.will learn D.have learned

  91.Mr.Black, some boys are going to flight。

  You’d better _______ the police。

  A.send for B.send to C.look for D.look over

  92.Many ( ) trees must be planted every year。

  A。 thousand B.thousand of C.thousands of D.thousand

  93.The post office is not far from here。 It’s only ten ( ) by bike。

  A。 minute B.minutes C.minute’s D.minutes’

  94.She doesn’t know the school, but it’s ( ) to be quite a good one。

  A。 told B.spoken C.talked D.said

  95.You must leave here now ( ) your mother can get some more rest。

  A。 became B.though that

  96.Lucy, ( ) all your things on the desk。

  A。 puts away B.put away C.takes away D.take away

  97。(At the doctor’s) It’s nothing serious, doctor?

  No, ( )。

  A。 you’ll be all right soon B.You won’t be all right soon

  B。 There’s some trouble with you D.It’s very serious

  98.We can’t buy ( ) much mutton with ( ) little money。

  A。 so,much B.such,so,so D.such,such

  99.There is ( ) W in the word woman ,and ( ) M is the third letter of the word。

  A。 a;an;/;the D.a;the

  100.Need he come a little earlier?

  Yes, he ( )。

  A。 can B.must C.need D.needn’t


  51~60 B C A A C B A C A B61~70 B C D C D C B D A C71~80 A A B A B B B D C D81~90 B D D C D B C A D C91~100 C C B D C D A C D B