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  1。 It’s very ______ you to get the tickets ______ the World Cup。

  A。 for, of B。 of, for C。 of, to D。 to, for

  2。 How many teachers are there in your school?

  ______, I think。 But I don’t know the exact number。

  A。 hundred B。 Hundreds C。 Hundreds of D。 Hundreds or thousands

  3。 Will you stay for lunch?

  Sorry, ______。 My brother is coming to see me。

  A。 I mustn’t B。 I can’t C。 I needn’t D。 I won’t

  4。 When he was there, he ______ go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day。

  A。 would B。 should C。 had better D。 might

  5.There ______ no hurry, need there?

  A。 need be B。 need to be C。 doesn’t D。 needs

  6。 ______ the sports meeting might be put off。

  Yes, it all depends on the weather。

  A。 I’ve been told B。 I’ve told C。 I’m told D。 I told

  7。 Shirley ______ a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has finished it。

  A。 has written B。 wrote C。 had written D。 was writing

  8。 We don’t allow ______ in this room。

  A。 smoking B。 to smoke C。 people smoking D。 people to smoking

  9。 I haven’t got a chair ______。 Will you make room for me?

  A。 to sit B。 to sit in C。 for sitting D。 sitting on

  10。 “Are you from America?” “No, neither of us。”

  A。 each B。 both C。 all D。 neither

  11。 She ______ his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right。

  A。 looked for B。 looked up C。 looked after D。 looked like

  12。 Every morning, WE are asked ______ taken our temperatures。

  A。 if we have B。 if have we C。 if we had D。 if had we

  13。 I will give ______ students ______ minutes for them to finish their exercise

  A。 the other; other five B。 the other; another five C。 other; five more D。 other; more five

  14。 I called you just now, but you weren’t in。

  Sorry, I ______ the reading room。

  A。 was in B。 have gone to C。 studied D。 had been to

  15。 The family ___ at the lunch table when someone came to tell them what had happened at ___。

  A。 were sitting; Mr Brown B。 were sitting; Mr Brown’s

  C。 was sitting; Mr Brown D。 was sitting; Mr Brown’s

  16。 Have you ______ your father recently?

  No。 He doesn’t often write to me。

  A。 heard about B。 heard of C。 heard from D。 got from

  17。 ______did you sleep last night?

  I was reading too late to fall asleep。

  A。 How long B。 Why C。 How soon D。 How

  18。 Has Jack finished his homework yet?

  I’ve no idea, But he ______ it the whole afternoon。

  A。 would do B。 was doing C。 did D。 had done

  19。 He’s never stolen anything before, ______ he?

  ______。 It’s his third time to be taken to police station。

  A。 hasn’t; Yes B。 is; Yes C。 has; Yes D。 has; No

  20。 I will spend as much time as I ______ the lesson。

  A。 can go over B。 can to go over C。 can going over D。 go over

  21。 ______ you the truth, she knows nothing about it。

  A。 To tell B。 Telling C。 Tell D。 Told

  22.The old man walked in the street, ______。

  A.followed by his son B.followed his son

  B.and following his son D.and followed by his son

  23.Jim’s family went to visit ______ family last night。

  A.Miss Sun’s B.the Suns’ C.the White D.Miss Suns’

  24.They stopped ______ and ______ out to play when they ______ the bell ring or rest。

  A.working;went;heard;to go; C.working;go;hearing D.working;going;heard

  25.I am going to Qingdao and stay there for a week。

  ______ you are there, would you please buy some books for me?

  A.If B.While C.Since D.As soon as

  26.That woman has a bag in her right hand.What’s in her ______ hand?

  A.another B.other D.The other

  27.Could you give me ______ second chance please? B。/ C.the D.a

  28.Black, ______ father of ______ Tom, lost his new watch。

  A。/,/ B.the,the C.the,/ D/,the

  29.Do you know Susan’s address?

  Yes。 She lives ( ) 201,Dongchang Road, liaocheng City。 C.along D.on

  30.What do you think of the report on the UFO?

  Great! Many students were interested in it and they kept on standing ______ the end of the meeting

  A.until C.on D.about

  31.The book ______ you want is on the desk。

  Which of the following isn’t right?

  A.that B.which C。/

  32.I’ll never forget the days ______ we spent together in the country。

  A.which B.on which C.when D,on that

  33.Is that book ______ he borrowed on Friday?

  A.that B.which C.the one D.who

  34.The number of people who ______ cars of their own is increasing。

  A.has B.have C.there is D.there are

  35.The first school ______ we visited yesterday is not far from here。

  A.that B.which which D.where

  36.I have the same pen ______。

  A.which you have yours C.that you are you

  37.The train ______ she was traveling was five minutes late。

  A.that B.on that which D.on which

  38.The teacher said ______ wanted to go to the cinema must be there before 6:00,

  A.those who B.that C.who D.which

  39。______ has questions is welcome to ask。

  A.Who B.Anyone C.Those D.Anyone who

  40.Tom is one of the people who ______ they are now。

  A.from C.with

  41.The teacher asked ______ students to do homework ourselves。

  A.the B.his C.some

  42。______ either you or I good at drawing?

  A.Am B.Are C.Is D.Do

  43.The room ______ as a meeting room。

  A.used to being used B.was used to being used

  C.used to be used D.was used to be used

  44.The boy was seen ______ the piano at 9 yesterday evening。 play C.playing D.played

  45.Last month Miss Han ______ a doctor。

  A.married with B.married to C.was married with married to

  46.It’s time for Meimei and ______ to the Palace Museum。

  A.I going B.I to go going to go

  47。______ a year does your school have sports meeting?

  Twice a year。

  A.How often B.How soon C.How long D.How many times

  48.There are four pairs of socks to ______, but the woman doesn’t know ______ to buy。

  A.choose from;which B.choose from;what C.choose;which D.choose;what

  49.It is in 1960 ______ Chinese first put out flag on Mount Qomolangma。

  A.when B.that C.which which

  50.The old men who gave away lots of money ______ highly of at yesterday’s meeting。

  A.spoke B.spoken C.was spoken D.were spoken


  1~10 C C B A A A D A B B 11~20 B A A A B C D B C A 21~30 A A A A B B D A B A31~40 D A C B A D D A D D 41~50 D B C C D D D A B D